Owners Association Enhancing the Overall Customer Experience

Owners Association

We manage communities and help build a safe, secure and luxury exclusive lifestyle
Royal Ambassador manages to create a thriving community for its residents’ by maintaining the everyday essentials and enriching the community lifestyle

Property and contract management

  • Review property conditions and conduct regular site inspections
  • Recommend and implement community improvements/enhancements
  • Source, negotiate and manage service providers, procurement and contracts
  • Hire, train and supervise on-site personnel and sub-contractors
  • Advise and administer insurance coverage
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
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Financial management

  • Prepare annual budgets customized to each individual community
  • Monitor / reconcile bank accounts
  • Direct day to day expenses
  • Manage cash flow (receivables and payables)
  • Invoice and collect service fees
  • Direct and manage electronic funds
  • Maintain, monitor and manage investment funds
  • Compile financial reports incorporating statements, ledgers, cheque disbursements
  • and income/expense – actuals and projections
  • Enforce financial penalties following community violations and late payments
  • Obtain relevant approval from regulatory bodies
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Technical management

  • Manage infrastructure, underground networks and building services
  • Conduct limnology audits (condition of water bodies, water treatment)
  • Audit technical performance and energy management
  • Manage civil works, electromechanical systems
  • Landscaping and irrigation
  • Ensure health and safety compliance
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Lifestyle Management

Offering the ultimate experience of community lifestyle in high-rise residential towers Our team members are trained to deliver world-class services in all aspects of community and association management. We manage over 11 high-rise residential towers and we’ve established our structure to ensure our service delivery is both customer-friendly and community-centric approach.

Delivering a five-star service, enhancing the property look and feel. In addition, create the ultimate luxury by ensuring the property is regularly looked at as high-end residential property and as of to date Royal Ambassador has managed to deliver world-class services while maintaining the properties including but not limited to Fontana towers, Fontana Gardens, Fontana Suites and many others.

The one-stop-shop for Property Management, Facility Management and Business/ Lifestyle Management.

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Efficient Enforcement

One of our key strengths is our ability to enforce the rules when residents breach them or cause discomfort to others.

We have a very stringent process to address the situation – by issuing a Notice of Violation – a formal citation that a community Regulation, bylaws, procedure or permit condition has been infringed. There are two stages to the process:

  • A first Notice of Violation is served – this officially notifies the offender that they have violated a community Regulations and allows them to correct their action/behavior.
  • The final Notice of Violation is issued if the action/behavior is not satisfactorily resolved and a financial penalty is levied.

We also develop and uphold a set of architectural guidelines for the installation of exterior attachments for property enhancements.

There are also several deterrents in place to ensure every homeowner pays their service fee in full and on time. We take the following action in the event of non-payment:

Denial of services including non-issuance of permits, clearance for transfer of property, access cards, garbage collection, etc

  • Suspension of non-emergency services
  • Initiation of appropriate legal action
  • Referral of the case to a professional debt recovery agency
  • Attempt mediation considering the situation and circumstance of the case if required.

All or any of the following actions such as and not limited to;

  • Refusal to provide the services of any kind take disciplinary actions, disconnection of the services and the benefits of any kind
  • Order to Pay outstanding dues, penalties, fees etc.
  • Charge an administrative fee of 10% per month
  • Stop providing the services to the unit, apartment such as not limited to the following;
    • Water supply
    • Power, Fresh Air conditioning services
    • Access to amenities, recreational areas, elevators; property or any part thereof
    • security benefits
  • Commence an action in the execution court of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Charge compensation for consequential damages such as and not limited to Legal Fee, Court case expenses etc.
Serial No Type of Default such as and not limited to Penalty / Fine starting from in BHD Currency and unlimited amount
1 Carrying out work without work permit or misusing work permit, forgery etc. BHD200/-
2 Noise pollution and its related matters, acts, omissions etc. BHD100/-
3 Disturbance in property, to residence/users its related matters, acts, omissions etc. BHD100/-
4 Breaking the Rules While Partying and related acts, omissions, matters etc. BHD100/-
5 Smoking inside the apartment, no designated area, prohibited area of the common area of property and related matters BHD100/-
6 Unruly behaviour its related acts and matters BHD100/-
7 Noncompliance of any other nature, by-laws BHD50/- and unlimited
8 Noncompliance with Car Parking rules BHD100/-
9 Renewal / Replacement of Access Cards BHD25/-
10 Default in use and occupancy of the apartment BHD200/-
11 Misuse of common property, public property, property name (Fontana Infinity), Developer, Home Owners Association name, facility, any right, authority etc. BHD100/-
12 Non-payment of service charges, maintenance fee 10% per month on the unpaid amount
13 Utility and other related Bills 10% per month on the unpaid amount
14 Keeping and allowing pets and animals etc. and related matters BHD100/- Per day
15 Subleasing, Short Terms Leasing and related matters and acts. BD100/- per day
16 Keeping trash, garbage in corridors, common mares, outside apartment etc. BD100/- per day
17 General Noncompliance or not specified herein BD50/-
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Our responsibilities as Association Manager includes:
  • Facilitate convening Annual General Assemblies meetings, organizing process including setup, meeting notices, announcements, agenda compilation and circulation
  • Conduct regular board meetings
  • Prepare for board elections
  • Provide professional consultations to the board
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  • Advise the board on strategic decision making and dispute resolution
  • Offer complete administrative and secretarial support
  • Introduce, uphold, implement and enforce community governance strategies
  • Respond promptly to all service requests and emergencies
  • Establish and maintain homeowner/occupant data
  • Develop and maintain a communications strategy for residents
  • Offer government relations, legal support and local authorities’ liaison
  • Promote community spirit and resident engagement
  • Facilitate the board of directors’ performance of its functions and exercise of its powers
  • Take the actions required for making tenders and concluding contracts on behalf of the owners’ association
  • Supervise the performance of contractors and suppliers and submit reports to the board of directors and the general assembly.
  • Prepare the annual budgets, in coordination with the treasurer, for approval by the board of directors
  • Respond to the inquiries and complaints received from the owners and provide solutions
  • Fulfill the insurance requirements
  • Supervise the judicial proceedings, including any proceedings set forth under Article 68 (b) of the Law
  • Ensure and supervise the implementation of all proposed works
  • Gather, update and maintain all the information of the owners’ association, including the members’ lists and addresses
  • Follow the legal instructions of the owner’s association or the board of directors
  • Disclose any conflict of interest to the board of directors or the general assembly
  • Act honestly, fairly and transparently in all dealings with the board of directors and the owners. Article (68) Contracting with Owners Association Manage
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