Owners Association Enhancing the Overall Customer Experience

Investment Potential

Our landmark properties have been designed to meet the specific needs of investors and end users. Whether purchasing to sell or buying to rent, you can look forward to attractive long-term appreciation and return on your investment.

The success of our four Fontana residential properties, starting with the groundbreaking Fontana Towers in 2012, illustrates why Royal Ambassador is recognised for offering the best choice of residential property purchase in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our successful track record includes consistently high occupancy levels, even in times of economic downturns, which are the highest in the market for long-stay serviced apartment buildings; and over 85 per cent growth in property value.

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Property Owners’ Associations

In line with Real Estate Regulatory Authority requirements, we have established Property Owners’ Associations for our residential freehold properties. This enables owners to be involved in determining issues such as appointment of the association manager, budget allocation, service and maintenance charges, and the management of shared areas; in order protect and grow their investment. All Associations have appointed Royal Ambassador as their Property Manager.

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