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Jan 24,2022

With numerous options available in the market, leasing an apartment is always a challenging and cumbersome task. Finding a new home is not just about space, location and layout, but one needs to consider how the property will be maintained or managed once you have move-in.

They are 2 different types of leasing options in the market properties handled by the owner and properties handled by a property management firm like Royal Ambassador. The major issue with the owner-handled property is usually the disputes over maintenance, while an experienced property management firm understands how to manage a property professionally and have the authority to make decisions regarding the collection of rent, maintenance request, maintaining amenities and handling a variety of other situations.

Below are some of the benefits that tenants of managed properties enjoy:

Snagging Services

Before property handover, property management firms provide snagging services that aim to reduce the possibility to enhance the property condition and value ensuring your unit is ready for move-in.

Lease Notices

The firm will manage your lease notices and ensure you are updated with your contract status, which usually would be standard for all tenants in the property. The same might not be expected from an owner, and it is always a challenge to understand the clauses.

Maintenance Support

A facility management team is assigned to handle the property's maintenance requirements whether it’s annual maintenance, preventive maintenance, or ad-hoc breakdowns requirements.

Single point of contact

We all might have experienced how difficult it is sometimes to reach the property owners over the weekends or late nights. The same would not be the case with the property management firm, as they would have a designated team to handle resident residents at any given point in time.


They are very few instances, where an owner takes the responsibility of maintaining the amenities, which usually becomes the responsibility of the tenant once he leases the apartment. Whereas, a property management firm maintains all the amenities on regular basis and ensures all are maintained and functioning properly.

Maintenance support

In a well managed property management firm, a team is usually assigned to handle the properties’ maintenance requirements, preventive maintenance or Adhoc breakdown requirements.


If and when you choose to leave the property, the PM team will be there for key handover and check out to ensure there are no issues on the part of either party.

Best Property Management firm in Bahrain

Royal Ambassador is the leading property management and hospitality company in the Kingdom of Bahrain, handling various properties like Fontana Towers, Fontana Gardens, Fontana Suites, Fontana Infinity, Ariva, Springfield Seef and many more. The firm provides all services of property including the pre-opening and snagging services, Lease notices management, maintenance support, facility management, lease notice management etc.

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