Why are Serviced Apartments Better Than Hotels?

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Dec 26,2022

Why are Serviced Apartments Better Than Hotels?

Bahrain is one of the most stunning places to visit in the Middle East that attracts people from all over the world. With over 11 million tourists visiting the Kingdom every year the demand for hotels as well as serviced apartments is high throughout the year.

As a tourist looking for a short-term stay, they is always a dilemma if to rent an apartment in Bahrain or opt for a hotel. So what exactly makes serviced apartments or short-stay apartments better than hotels? Why are they preferred more than hotels? Let’s find out below.

Room Size & Space

Serviced apartments usually have a bigger and better floor space than hotel rooms. Serviced apartments consider the fact, their accommodate families, who wish to stay and spend time together. While also most serviced or short-stay apartments have separate bedrooms, and bathrooms, along with a kitchen, laundry etc.

You can feel at home

The serviced apartments are built to feel like home, the fully furnished apartments for rent usually offer beds and dressers, dining tables and dining chairs, work desks, a fully-equipped kitchenette, and washing machines, dryers, and other equipment with comfortable bedrooms and spacious living rooms

Avoid miscellaneous expenses

Staying in service or short-term stay helps in saving a lot of avoidable expenses. Be it laundry, internet, or food. Comparatively speaking, serviced apartments are more economical as one has the option to prepare meals using their inbuilt kitchen facilities.


Serviced apartments usually offer all the luxury amenities which usually a hotel offers. Most of the luxury and upscale serviced apartments offer guests a fully-equipped fitness center, swimming pool and meeting facilities.

About Royal Ambassador

Royal Ambassador is a leading property management and hospitality company in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Handling a property portfolio comprising 13 iconic residential properties offering over 3000 luxury apartments. If you are looking for luxury apartments for rent for the long or short term, you can get in touch with us at +973 1700 0661