Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Bahrain Real Estate

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Jul 22,2021

Bahrain has one of the most open and liberalised real estate markets in the GCC region, over that they’re multiple factors that make it the best place to invest in GCC.

Investor friendly – Bahrain is a safe market, where the market doesn’t see a lot of ups and downs. It doesn’t take an investor on a speculative roller coaster ride, rather it is very conservative.

Also, with RERA involvement the market is more regulated, with more real investors or end-users, unlike Dubai were the price would skyrocket, because of many speculators in the market.

Buy–Back options – The market provides a buy-back option, however, it depends on the developer, if an investor is investing in a reputed project it is easy to sell.

Hassle-free investmentBuying a property in Bahrain is a hassle-free process, the kingdom has proper rules and regulations in place. An investor needs to have a security clearance to invest and also all bank investments are regulated.

ROI – Bahrain offers a good return on investment however it would all depend on the kind of project and the kind of returns a buyer is expecting. Projects developed by Kooheji Developers or projects handled by Royal Ambassador offer an average of 6 -7% returns whatever the market condition might be, which is considered to be a good return on investment.

Safe Country – Bahrain is one of the safest countries to live and the attraction of Bahrain over other GCC countries is the standard of living, quality conditions and the ease of work, with everything readily available within a short distance.