Tips for Renting your First Apartment in Bahrain

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Mar 23,2022

As an expat relocating to Bahrain searching and renting an apartment in Bahrain for the first time could be an overwhelming task. Searching for apartments for rent and figuring out how to rent an apartment in a new country comes with new tasks and responsibilities.

Even though there is a lot of assistance from one’s employer end, apartment hunting, budgeting, packing and all logistics of moving come with its headaches. Here are a few tips to make the first time renting experience in Bahrain a great one

Tip - 1 Figure out how much rent you can afford

The foremost thing when planning to rent a flat in Bahrain is putting together a budget. Figure out the budget range of rent you can afford by looking at your monthly income, savings, and any debts or future expenditure (like buying a car).

Budget it in a way that you spend no more than 30 percent of your gross income on rent or calculate the budget based on the housing allowance your company offers. Don’t go too much overboard upon the housing allowance.

Tip - 2 Decide if you want a fully furnished flat for rent or a semi-furnished

Another important factor while renting an apartment for the first time is furnishing. A fully furnished and semi-furnished flat has its pros and cons. However, as a first renter, it is better to opt for a fully-furnished apartment, as it reduces the hassle of shopping and selecting furniture at the same reduces your overall budget.

Tip - 3 Choose your neighborhood

The Kingdom of Bahrain has various neighborhoods like Juffair, Adiliya, Manama, Seef, Amwaj, Diyar etc, and narrowing down the neighborhood is a daunting task. To narrow down your choices, consider

How far is the neighborhood from the workplace?

Do you prefer a quiet or happening neighborhood

How expense is the neighborhood and would it suit by budget

Tip - 4 Amenities the properties offer

Even though the rental is a little on a higher-end when it comes to a property offering all amenities, however, if you are an active person, it is worth the spend. Most of the luxurious properties offer varied amenities ranging from a swimming pool, gym, spa, indoor games and gaming arenas. This in turn will reduce the expenditure on spending on gym, pool or any other.

Tip - 5 Apartment managed by Property Management firms

As a first-time renter in Bahrain, it is better to prefer an apartment managed by a property management firm like Royal Ambassador. As property management firms know how to manage a property professionally and take care of leasing notices, maintenance support, facility management, provide housekeeping services and would have a single point of contact. While in an owner-led property, it becomes the task of the renter to look into these nuisances.

Best Property Management firm in Bahrain

Royal Ambassador is the leading property management and hospitality company in the Kingdom of Bahrain, handling various properties like Fontana Towers, Fontana Gardens, Fontana Suites, Fontana Infinity, Ariva, Springfield Seef and many more. The firm provides all services of property including the pre-opening and snagging services, Lease notices management, maintenance support, facility management, lease notice management etc. If you are a tenant looking for a well-managed apartment in Bahrain, you can get in touch with us at +973 1700 0661