Discover Sustainable Luxury at Fontana Infinity on Earth Day

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Apr 22,2024

Discover Sustainable Luxury at Fontana Infinity

Located in the vibrant Juffair district of Bahrain, Fontana Infinity is a marvel of modern architecture and sustainable design. Developed by Kooheji Development and managed by Royal Ambassador Management, this luxury property represents the pinnacle of eco-friendly living without compromising on comfort and style. At Fontana Infinity, every detail is crafted to enhance environmental sustainability while providing residents with a premier living experience. Here's how we're setting new standards for energy efficiency in luxury properties across Bahrain.

  1. Advanced LED Lighting: At Fontana Infinity, we have leveraged LED lighting technology to drastically improve our energy consumption efficiency. LED lights are celebrated for their superior lumens-per-watt performance, ensuring that each watt of electricity is used to generate maximum brightness. This not only helps in reducing our energy usage but also lowers long-term operating costs, making it a smart choice for eco-conscious residents. Additionally, our lighting fixtures are designed with optimal heat dissipation and glare reduction to enhance comfort and efficiency.

  2. Energy-Efficient Chilled Water Systems: We have integrated chilled water systems for air conditioning, achieving a reduction in energy consumption by about 30%. These systems are exceptionally efficient in large-scale applications like ours, providing consistent cooling across various sections of the property while minimizing energy waste.

  3. Motion Sensor Technology: To further our commitment to energy efficiency, Fontana Infinity utilizes motion sensors in all public areas. This technology ensures that energy is not wasted on lighting unoccupied spaces, reducing unnecessary power consumption by 35%. It's a simple yet effective way to enhance energy conservation in day-to-day operations.

  4. Sophisticated Building Management Systems (BMS): Our Building Management System (BMS) is a cornerstone of our energy management strategy. By seamlessly integrating various building services, the BMS facilitates real-time monitoring and adjustment of energy use, ensuring optimal efficiency and helping to reduce our carbon footprint significantly.

  5. Variable Speed Pumps: The use of variable speed pumps in our HVAC systems exemplifies our innovative approach to energy savings. These pumps adjust their output based on real-time demand, which significantly curtails energy use and enhances the overall efficiency of our heating and cooling infrastructure.

  6. Optimized Heat Transfer: Emphasizing a low U-value in our glass fixtures, Fontana Infinity excels in thermal insulation. This strategic choice reduces the rate of heat transfer, maintaining cooler interiors during Bahrain’s hot summers and reducing the load on our air conditioning systems. A lower U-value translates into substantial energy savings and bolsters our efforts in maintaining a greener building environment.

  7. Heat Recovery Wheel Fresh Air Handling Units: As part of our energy-saving concept, we utilize the latest technologies in power saving and temperature recycling with heat recovery wheels in our fresh air handling units. This system uses the lower temperature of the extracted air to cool incoming fresh air without mixing, enhancing efficiency.

  8. Condensate Water Recycling: As part of our commitment to green building practices, we recycle the condensate water produced by our AC bulk machines for irrigation purposes. This process involves water treatment to ensure the water quality is suitable for irrigation, further contributing to our synergy concept.

Fontana Infinity is not just a luxury property in Bahrain; it is a benchmark for sustainable living in an urban setting. By integrating these state-of-the-art technologies, Royal Ambassador and Kooheji Development are proud to offer a home that is both luxurious and environmentally responsible, making it a perfect choice for discerning homeowners who seek comfort and sustainability.