Relocating to the Kingdom of Bahrain? Everything You Need to Know

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Feb 24,2022

Bahrain has been an [expat](/blog/guide-moving-and-living-abroad-bahrain-expat) hotspot for decades. Bahrain remains the best place in the GCC for expats to live and work according to recent survey conducted by InterNations Expat Insider 2021. Located in the heart of the Persian Gulf, it is a commercial and cultural hub.

Facts about Bahrain

Capital City – Manama
Currency – Bahraini Dinar(BHD)
Time zone – Arabian Standard Time (GMT+3)
Main languages – Arabic and English


The Kingdom has a population of nearly 1.6 million, where Bahraini nationals account for 48% of the population, with the rest being expats from different parts of the world. Expats also constitute a major part of the workforce, at almost 70%


Bahrain features an arid climate. With year-round sunshine, it has 2 major seasons an extremely hot summer and a relatively mild winter. Summer lasts from April to October, with afternoon temperatures averaging 40 °C (104 °F) and can reach 46 °C (114.8 °F) during May, June and July, while December to March would be mild winters.


Expats who lived here for a long time find all communities living in harmony and agree that Bahraini are friendly, and mingle well with different communities. Bahrain is an Islamic state with inherent Arabic traditions, which means that women are expected to dress modestly in public.


Bahrain has a very good healthcare system, they are very well established public and private hospitals, health and dental care is expensive if you have no health insurance. However, most expats usually receive health insurance from their employers.


As an expat accommodation is one of the major contributors to your expenses while living in Bahrain. There are two options available either renting a property or owning a property.

Renting a property

There are various furnished and unfurnished properties available for rent apartments or villas. An expat needs to present a residency visa, passport and proof of income for signing a leasing agreement.

There are various property aggregators websites and property management firms from which one can search for the various rental options available.

Buying a property in Bahrain

There are various freehold properties available for expats for purchase with different price points and property types.

Internet and phone

There are 3 telecom companies Batelco, STC and Zain to choose from. Once you land in Bahrain, a sim card would be provided at the airport, which would be linked to your CPR card. While, when it comes to the internet, the cost of the internet is comparatively higher.


Bahrain’s public transport system is generally limited to buses and taxis, while the buses are cheaper. Taxi services like uber or careem are costly when you compared them to the fuel price. If an expat is planning to stay for a long duration in Bahrain, it is better to get a license and own or rent a car.

Best Property Management firm in Bahrain

Royal Ambassador is the leading property management and hospitality company in the Kingdom of Bahrain, handling various properties like Fontana Towers, Fontana Gardens, Fontana Suites, Fontana Infinity, Ariva, Springfield Seef and many more.

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