Reasons Why Millennials are New Era Real Estate Investors

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Mar 22,2022

Millennials in Bahrain are constantly changing the real estate market landscape. Starting their career at young age millennials represent a stratum of the society who are tech-savvy, well-read and risk-takers. While being aware of the need to make an early investment in real estate to enhance their financial security.

With various attractive payment plans and luxurious apartment options, Bahraini millennials aged between 22 to 37 are slowly investing and owning properties in Bahrain.

Attractive Payment Plans

Attractive payment plans are one of the most common ways to make own a property. Various developers in Bahrain have tied up with banks to offer attractive incentives such as low down payments and flexible payment plans to attract buyers. This is one of the biggest advantages for millennials as they stand a high chance to avail loans with longer repayment tenure and lower down payments.

Recently Royal Ambassador along Al Barak Bank has offered Fontana Infinity with an attractive 8 payment plan, which generated a lot of curiosity among Bahraini millennials

Faster Appreciation Rates

Speaking to Gulf Insider Engr. Mohamed Al Kooheji, CEO of Royal Ambassador during the launch of Fontana Infinity luxurious apartments stated that real estate in Bahrain is currently undervalued and has huge growth potential providing substantial yields. Taking a cue millennials are investing at a young age, enjoying property appreciation in a long run.

Rental income

Another reason for Bahraini Millenials investing at a young age is the extra finance it provides through rental income. Fully furnished apartments in areas like Seef, Juffair, etc., have a high demand for leasing. While the secondary income can be effectively utilized to pay the monthly installments

Low budgets and smaller families

The majority of the Bahraini millennials are first-time real estate investors and young couples with have smaller families and limited budgets. And realtors offering Studio, 1 BR apartments equipped with amenities like a swimming pool, gym and with attractive payment plans, making youngsters take their first investment decision.