Is A Fully Furnished Apartment in Bahrain Good Value for Money?

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Jan 27,2022

Shifting to a new country or a new place is always a tedious task and over that finalizing to rent a fully furnished or semi-furnished apartment can be a difficult decision.

Bahrain's real estate space is ever-evolving and one can notice the increase in variety and availability of fully-furnished apartments. While one may feel fully-furnished apartments are outright expensive, are they truly expensive considering the total costs of moving home and buying furniture.

Below are a few factors, one can consider why leasing a property?

Relocating –

If you are an expat and relocating from your country to Bahrain, it is advisable to lease a fully-furnished house, as it the hassle of shopping and finding the right furniture for your new apartment, as well it helps to settle down quickly and provides you the required comfort in a new location.

While buying furniture is not just a tedious task, but outright a huge financial burden in the very initial stage of settling in a new country.

Tenure -

The tenure of your planned tenancy is arguably the most important factor while deciding. A fully-furnished apartment would be ideal if you are looking for a long or short-term tenancy, as this avoids the hassle of buying furniture and selling it while leaving. The apartment would provide you with all required furniture, which makes one’s life easy and also makes it easy while vacating. Also, in case the property is managed by a property management firm, the furniture is well maintained and in case of any replacement as per your needs, would be handled by the firm.

Time and Convenience –

Moving home can be extremely stressful and if you are moving with a new job, there will be lots of transition and change to manage and, in these circumstances, moving into a furnished home can remove one source of potential hassle.

Budget -

The big advantage of a furnished unit is that there are very few up-front costs like buying furniture which is not required, nor is the need to invest in white goods or curtains, which can often amount to a significant additional cost too.

Overall, if you begin to add up the costs associated with an investment in new furniture and soft furnishings, and comparable utility costs, you may conclude that a furnished apartment is a far more attractive proposition than you had initially imagined!

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