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Feb 25,2022

If you are an investor and bought a new property for investment purposes and planning to rent it out, determining the right rental would be key. A lower price would deter the return on investments, while a higher price may leave the property vacant. Therefore there are many factors that determine the monthly rental of the project.

Developer of the project

Many investors sideline the project developers when determining the rental price. However, the development firm plays a crucial role, in determining the price. A good developer, not only delivers the project on time but also brings in added brand value to the project. A good and reputed developer adds intrinsic value, wherein the project becomes a landmark in the area at the same time generating demand for rentals.

Location of the property

The second determinant factor is the location of the property a quick comparison of similar properties in the area. Assuming the property is Juffair the investor can quickly search online for properties using keywords like’ ‘fully furnished apartments in Bahrain’ ‘fully furnished apartments for rent in Juffair’ ‘apartments for rent in Juffair’ or ‘2BR apartment for rent in Juffair’. Search such keywords using the location, would give the top properties in the locations along with the prices mostly.

Apartment size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms

The number of rooms and bathrooms play are a huge factors in determining the rental of the apartment, along with the spaciousness of the rooms. A spacious 1 BR apartment for rent might cost the same as a 2 BR apartment within the same location if the apartment sizes are the same. when the available flat for rent inclusive of electricity or ewa would also impact the rent . A flat for rent in Bahrain with electricity or Ewa, may generate more rent than a flat without Ewa.

Floor level and the view from the apartment

An apartment with a sea view, city view, or Garden view has higher value than an apartment with no view in addition a city or sea view with a balcony will fetch more rent because of its demand.

The same applies to the apartment floor, lower floors usually have either no views or are limited, while higher floors have better views.

With the above mentioned reasons, an apartment for rent with a balcony and view as higher demand, hence can fetch better rentals compared to the one without.

Is the property managed?

Properties usually have maintenance issues and it becomes cumbersome for the tenants to handle such issues. Whereas an apartment for rent if handled by a property manager has various advantages in terms of maintenance, to maintain the proepty value, which in turn will fetch a good rental

Amenities in the property

An apartment for rent with amenities has more value than an apartment without amenities. Well-maintained amenities, not only add value to the property but helps in savings for the tenants with regards to gym membership, pool access, spa, indoor gaming areas etc., which considered an extra cost for the tenant.

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