Fully Furnished vs Unfurnished Apartments for Rent In Bahrain

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Oct 29,2022

The Kingdom of Bahrain has a huge leasing market and with such an active renter market, there is a huge demand for both furnished and unfurnished apartments. However, renting furnished or unfurnished apartments come with pros and cons.

Furnished apartments by themselves means, the apartment is fully furnished and a tenant need not worry about buying furniture etc., apart from anything personal. While unfurnished apartments lack any kind of basic furnishing. Here are the pros and cons of renting a furnished vs an unfurnished apartments

Fully Furnished Apartments for rent – Pros

Moving in – If you are an expat, moving into a furnished apartment would be easy and convenient. It is not only hassle-free but also saves a lot of time in settling down.

Budget – A furnished apartment would not burn a hole in your pocket, as buying furniture would incur a lot of costs.

Easy to move out – If you are planning to move out in the future, one wouldn’t have the hassle of selling the furniture and registering on various online platforms to post the ads.

Overall furnished apartments are hassle-free, convenient, and budget-friendly and save a lot of time and money.

Fully Furnished Apartments for rent – Cons

Furniture – With a fully furnished apartment one will not have control over the furniture, it might not suit one's tastes and preferences and have the least control over the décor.

Rent – The rent is usually higher for furnished apartments, compared to an unfurnished apartment and may not be profitable in a long run

Existing furniture – If one has already existing furniture, either the furniture has to be sold out or an alternative for it is to be looked into

Un-Furnished Apartments for rent – Pros

Style and Décor – Going with unfurnished apartments have its benefits if one has time. Most of them like shopping and it will help you understand the local market and buy furniture as per one's tastes and preferences.

Damages – One need not worry about the damages or the wear and tear of the furniture, and the cost it might incur during the end of the contract period.

Un-Furnished Apartments for rent – Cons

Settling down – Settling down may take longer than expected, as not buying the furniture but decorating and arrangements have to also been taken care of before moving in.

Budget - You might run off the allocated budget, as furniture is costly