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Jul 22,2021

The housing real estate sector is one of the most recognized sectors in Bahrain and it comprises of renting and buying market.

How Is the Current Sales Market in Bahrain?

The Bahrain sales real estate market is in a post-recovery stage after COVID-19. The current sales prices are at the lowest and are yet to see an upward trend.
Starting from the end of May 2021, the market has noticed a huge jump in terms of the number of buyers. Many expatriates and locals who have been planning to invest for a long time are now showing interest and are enquiring about the best properties to buy in Bahrain. This trend can be observed as many feel the market prices have been stagnant for a while, and are currently at the bottom, which seems to be the right time to take the opportunity to invest or buy a property. As the market is going to raise in the coming years and can be expected to grow starting end of this year.

How Is the Market Trend in GCC Countries Compared to Bahrain?

The market trend across GCC countries is similar to Bahrain, the prices are very stagnant, and are at lowest, which creates a good investment opportunity. This has fuelled a lot of buyers' interest who have been planning to purchase or invest in a property. However, it is the end-users who are planning to buy and not the regular investors or market speculators.

Why Should Someone Invest in Bahrain?

The advantage of Bahrain over other GCC countries is that it is a safe country

  • Friendly atmosphere - Bahrain’s are usually friendly and mingle well with expatriates.
  • Commute – With no heavy traffic it is easy to commute in Bahrain, an office journey usually takes not more than 30 min
  • Affordability – The apartment rentals are comparatively cheaper compared to other GCC markets.

What Is the Kind of Return on Investment, An Investor Can Expect?

The return on investment would all depend on the kind of project, and the kind of returns a buyer is expecting. However, whatever the market condition might be, a buyer can expect an average of 6 -7% returns, which is considered to be a good return on investment.

Another advantage of investing in a good project like the ones developed by Kooheji Development and Fontana’s is the buyer gets property management assistance from Royal Ambassador. Which is an added advantage to the buyer, in case they are not residing in the property and they can completely rely on Royal Ambassador, which is known to managing an occupancy of 80 and above across all projects, which is definitely above the market average.

What Are the New Projects Offered by Royal Ambassador for Sale?

The projects for sales are all the finished projects like the Fontana Towers, Fontana Gardens, Fontana Suites, and also the recently opened Fontana Infinity Tower- B apartments are for sale. The biggest advantage of all the above projects is being in Juffair, closer to the Navy base, which is an assured kind of a business, apart from definitely the corporates and western expatriates.