8 Reasons Why Juffair Is So Popular Among Expat Residents

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Jan 28,2022

Bahrain remains the best place in the GCC for expats to live and work as per the recent survey conducted by InterNations Expat Insider 2021. With more than half of the kingdom’s population consisting of working and living expats, most of them reside in Manama or the area of Juffair.

Location -

One of the most distinctive locations are located in the Juffair area, with extensive coastline on one side and area like Adilyah, Qudaiyabya and American Alley on the other.

Easy Access -

Juffair comprise easily - accessible facilities and services, it is a center for Bahrain specialist hospital and a destination for various retail outlets including the Juffair Mall, Juffair Square and Oasis Mall

American Navy Base -

It houses the American Navy Base, making it one of the most popular among expats and Navy employees. Also, they’re many residential properties in Juffair preferred by the Navy to stay like Fontana Towers, Fontana Gardens, Fontana Suites and Fontana Infinity approved by the Navy.

Hospitality and properties -

As one of the most chosen areas for expats and young citizens, it houses many luxurious hotels and properties. This includes the Marriot Executive Apartments, Somerset Al Fateh Bahrain, Fontana Towers, Fontana Gardens, Fontana Suites, Fontana Infinity and many others.

Nightlife -

Juffair features one of the best places to hang out at night, let it be fine dining or pubs, the area boasts a wide range of pubs and hotels and areas like block 338 or Adilyah. With Juffair housing expats and young citizens mostly, one can notice an ongoing hustle and activity in the area.

Near to Airport -

Juffair is just about 20 mins drive away from the airport, and they is proper commute available from the location.

Attractions in Juffair

Al Fateh Mosque the largest mosque and one of the most recognizable destinations in the entire Kingdom of Bahrain is located in Juffair. The mosque comprises the world’s largest fiberglass dome and houses the National Library.

Marina Beach Park -

An amazing public park, with a to and for 3.5 km jogging track. The park is absolutely beautiful and boasts a few restaurants, a dolphin show and a kid play area. The park is happening place with a lot of greenery, joggers and families.

Royal Ambassador is the leading property management and hospitality company in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It has various properties like Fontana Towers, Fontana Gardens, Fontana Suites and Fontana Infinity in Juffair.

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