5 Reasons Why Real Estate in Bahrain Is The Safest Long Term Investment

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Jan 30,2022

Real estate is considered to be one of the best long-term investments, well ahead of gold, stocks or any other financial bonds. They’re various reasons as to why real estate is considered just not the safest but also the best investment.

Best Prices -

Compared to gold or any other commodity, real estate prices in Bahrain are at the lowest, giving an investor an edge or opportunity to invest today for long-term gains.

High yields -

Based on the size of the apartment one invests in they can acquire an 8 – 9 % rate of return annually, which is considered substantially high compared to any other market or investment where the returns are 3% maximum.

Buy–Back option -

Most of the developers offer a buy-back option, wherein the developer will buy back the unit from the investor after the 5-year contract, which means it to be a risk-free way of capitalizing.

Hassle-free investment -

The investor need not bother about finding a tenant for the apartment and renting it out, rather it will be handled by the developer or the property management firm for the investor

A healthy investment -

The return on investment on several investment options like stocks, bonds etc, may be highly unpredictable, limited or lower than expected.

Insert link - https://youtu.be/CmkFvTIvCJQ

Engr. Mohamed Al Kooheji, CEO of Royal Ambassador in the interview with Gulf Insider discusses the latest real estate trends, and on why real estate is considered to be the best investment compared to any other at this time and how it provides the best returns on investment.